OFFENSE is a band from Valencia (Spain). It was formed at the ends of the 80’s, when five fellows called Fede, Wensho, Murgui, Javi and Loren, decided to join together to rehearse. In February 1991, they take out their first demo-tape, recorded —directly— in their rehearsal rooms. It’s name was: The new crusade. 150 copies were moved between friends of the band. In August, same year, they decide to go to a moderately suitable piece of studio. They record their second demo-tape, although it could be considered as the first “oficial” demo-tape of the band. It was: The cry, and in it the sound losses influences of the Hardcore to practice a Powerful Death-Thrash. With this demo-tape Offense really makes a name for themselves. 1000 copies were sold. Unfortunately in December 1992, Fede, their bassist, dies in a traffic accident. After an obscure time of reflection, Murgui leaves the band and Mariano comes taking charge of the bass and the voice. May 1993. Offense record their third demo-tape: Basic. It was very well accepted by the people. More than 2000 copies were sold in all the world. The style could be defined as Death with Doom influences. In 1994 Offense sign up with the label Abstract Emotions. Then they take out a 7” and a CD. The material was recorded in Duetto Studios, in the winter in 1995. The 7” was called Shinning dawn, it takes out first as an advance of the CD Aside. This one received the qualification of Melancholic-Death-Doom, a perfect combination of brutality, melody and sadness. In the middle 1996 Offense incorporate a keyboard player into the band. He is Xavi (he was the editor of the ‘zine Liber ibonis). Afterwards the band receive the collaboration of Miguel, a “melodic” singer. They together record some new songs, which form the next work of Offense, called Absence. The recording of these new songs is made in the studio Llaella Estudi; getting an excellent production and sound. This CD has been qualified as: “Proposals like these are the ones which help us to forget the shrivelled stereotypes” (La Oreja Metálika); “These Offense sound infinitely better, the songs are more melodic and richer in shades than before, a very high quality CD with excellent ideas” (Hell Awaits); “An exceptional album of Gothic Death Doom” (Metal Hammer); “They have been able to go beyond the things that bands like Paradise Lost have stopped doing; creating an atmosphere very original” (DDT)... This CD was published by NEURON RECORDS. And afterwards distributed by Pies Records. With regard to its sound and its presentation it could be qualified as a masterpiece. In 2000 Vicent, vocalist of the band Obscure, and also Nadir, comes to the bosom of Offense. A new idea of composition appears in the band, but after having composed and pre-recorded some songs, Offense falls in a piece of apathy luck. The collaboration with Vicent finishes, and also Xavi leaves the band. Offense stops. In 2004 Wensho, Javi, Loren and Mariano decide to start again. The last recorded songs are thrown away, and finally, with Mariano as vocalist (again) they start to compose new songs. After having composed several songs they play some times, and at the end of 2005 they go again to the studio to record their third CD. Just now their are finishing the recording of this new work. The new style is much more direct and fresh, powerful and corrosive. Finally in 2010 we concluded the instrumental recording of our latest material, and incorporates voice Iban Arrieta, an experienced metal singer .The new record was recorded in Llaella Studios, getting a good production of Jeese Earless. Finally the album comes to in 2014 with the title of That frail Addiction to Life. The sound of this album is an evolution of the "Absence", with shades more Heavy Metal. This disc is avaible in digital download totally free at

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